Recommended Woocommerce Shop Plugins (Shipping, Security, DSGVO etc.)

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In my shop, for example, I use Advanced Shipment Tracking,which is a plugin that allows you to see the shipment numbers of the packages in the e-mails and in the backend. The customer can then, if he goes under “My orders”, directly see the shipment number and click on it. Then he comes to the package tracking page.

What’s also very good is all-in-one WPsecurity. The plugin covers (almost) all necessary security functions.

Then we use Beeketing. This is a plugin that displays overlays, down in the corner (“so and so many customers have already bought this”).

Then a very interesting plugin is Broken Link Checker, which makes sure that all links on your website work and if another page you have linked is no longer accessible, then you get an e-mail.

For cookies I use Cookie Notice. This is from dFactory, also a free plugin, because you can set a lot and that’s why it’s quite practical.

I don’t know how it is with you with the shipping, we generate our labels directly with the official DHL plugin. DHL WooCommerce is the name of the software and you can connect directly to the business customer portal and generate the labels without having to go anywhere else.

Then just for checkboxes and something like that there is Germanized for WooCommerce. This is a plugin that adapts the hint texts and such for the German market.

For tracking the website visitors, we simply use Google Analytics, as a plugin we use the Google Analyticator, so the plugin is called. This is also GDPR-compliant.

For performance tests (charging speed) we use GTmetrix. This is very practical and easy to use. However, you can use the website for one-time tests.

To make the website load quickly, we have installed Image optimization by Optimole. The plugin does this for free, as long as you do not get a certain number of users.

For security topics we have again the plugin LimitLoginAttempts Reloaded“. This is one that limits that you can only log in a maximum of four times (for example) and then the account is blocked for a certain time. This is convenient so that not just any bot can try out all the different passwords and then hack user accounts.

We use Loco Translate for translations and changes of texts.

We sometimes used popups in the shop, for this we use Ninja popups. That costs a bit, the plugin, but this is very, very extensive and does its purpose.

For SEO we use Rank Math, which is very practical and also free of charge.

Then we have from our hoster a caching plugin called SG Optimizer.

But if you’re with another hoster and not with SiteGround, then it may be that there is another one that makes sense or you just take WordPress Simple Cache, that’s also possible.

If send out e-mails with SIP Advanced Email Notifications,  also a paid plugin and so you can set that, for example, three days after the purchase then again an e-mail comes: “Hey, has everything arrived? Do you still have any feedback? And if not, then you can rate us here.” This is possible, among other things.

Then we have the plugin Site Kit by Google, which allows you to show how many search views about the search the page has and what could beimproved.

For the design, we have Smash Balloon  Instagram Feed, so you can see our Instagram photos on the website and Smart Slider for the image display.

I don’t know what it’s like with customer service, we have for the LiveChat. Is a free plugin with which you can also edit mail customer requests.

We have a wishlist plugin, I do not know if it was already with you at the theme, if not then TIWooCommmerceWishlist is actually quite practical.

Sometimes we have used technical terms and that’s why we used Tooltips Pro for this, which is helpful for this, if you come with the mouse over a certain term, then it shows what this term means.

We have a small survey on the website, for this we use Tripetto Premium. This does not cost very much, but is quite chic, the design of those.

For backup copies we use Updraft, which is free and so you can also restore the backups, so it is very practical.

Then we have user blockers, which is helpful if you once had customers who have somehow cheated and you want to exclude the customers from the online shop that they can not order again.

So that customers can also cancel an order, we have the paid plugin WC Order Pro. This is very practical in order to have as little effort as possible.

We used Password Strength Settings so that customers can choose a secure password and not 12345 and then it is hacked relatively quickly, but if you say that the password must have at least seven digits, then it is a bit more secure.

Then we have Woocommerce Cart Expiration, which ensures that the shopping cart becomes empty after a certain time, for other customers.

Then, because of the invoices, we use the plugin, I think that also costs a bit of money, WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Briefs, which automatically embarrasses the invoices and also delivery notes. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

For the design of the e-mails to the customers we use the plugin WP HTML MailWooCommerce, which also costs a bit, but that does a good cause and so that the e-mails are sent correctly, we use WP  Mail  SMTP Pro, also costs something, but is also very practical.

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