Tag Emails at Thunderbild & eM Client (Inbox Zero Principle)

  1. Does eM Client allow you to sync tags.

It is able to sync assigned tags for most services (all exchange services, Gmail, Microsoft Accounts, Dovecot servers, etc), However, it cannot sync the full list of tags from a server.

  • if you tag an email on your first pc as “todo”, does this tag appear on the other pc automatically?

All Gmail labels should synchronize automatically so yes, if you use Gmail setup as IMAP then your assigned tags will sync to the mail server and from there to the other device

  • Please also check, if thunderbird has this feature or if there is a compatible plugin for this.

If the account is set up as an IMAP account, the mail will synchronize across all devices with the same IMAP setup, even if Thunderbird is not used on all devices, e.g. mobile devices. Syncing things such as stars, tags and junk status might depend on the particular IMAP server. But you might have conflicts if the two people access the account at the same time. It depends on whether the users are ‘active’ or ‘passive’ when viewing the account.

Kindly check out: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/3-ways-to-sync-thunderbird-emails-across-multiple-computers/. They have a very clear and long process on how to do this.

  • Please check if there is an app which supports these tags (from thunderbird or emclient).

Gmail does support thunderbird

For eM Client any app that connects to the server and IMAP protocol for example Gmail can support

  • Can I move emails to a folder in emclient with one click? If yes, how to set this up?

You cannot predefine moving messages with one click, but you can easily drag and drop the messages to specific folder. Or click the ‘Move to Folder’ button and then specify the folder. With Gmail, since all folders (other than All Mail) are labels you can assign that given label/tag and remove the inbox tag.

  • What the license for two pcs costs and if they provide a discount for students.

License cost for two PCs is a one-time payment of 36.95 USD (January 2021).

They do offer 30% students discount. Please note, you have to reach out to their sales team  (sales@emclient.com) from your school email to get the discount code


  1. Em Client Support
  2.  https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/3-ways-to-sync-thunderbird-emails-across-multiple-computers/
  3. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1253781

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